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The Marketing Solution-Creating Awareness


Lesson B-111-6 The Marketing Solution-Creating Awareness    $99

Marketing a custom business is much different than other types of marketing and other types of businesses. It's not performed in terms of black and white. There's a grey area that must be mastered. Here's why:
Custom work is never seen until it is delivered. In the custom business we first sell an intangible--your service. It's not until the actual installation is performed that the service transforms into a tangible product.
Those who understand this phenomenon are way ahead of the game in terms of both marketing and customer service, and it's extremely helpful in knowing how to create awareness to our target market.
In The Marketing Solution lesson we'll give you a complete overview of marketing strategies, tactics and planning. We'll give you step by step instruction on how to gain the grey area expertise required to masterfully market your precious intangible service, resulting in immediate increased business and sustained long term growth.
We'll be covering the 3 areas of marketing strategy:

  • Outreach
  • Visibility
  • Credibility

We'll also make sure you're well versed in the following:

  • Direct contact and follow up tactics
  • Networking and referral building
  • Public speaking
  • Event marketing
  • Advertising
  • Closing
  • Scripting
  • Goal setting

In addition, we'll compare prospects vs. contacts vs. leads vs. referrals and how to make the most of each category and present you with the SMART marketing system.
And, at the end of the lesson we'll actually provide you with a personal action plan and tracking worksheet you can plug in to your business based on your unique marketing needs. Chances are your competition is already doing these things.
This lesson is a full marketing experience not to be missed!

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