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The Team Coach


Lesson B-313 Coaching The Team                        $99

Whether you have zero employees or 100, you have a team. From craftspeople and suppliers to vendors and artisans, a team member is anyone who comes in contact with
your customers.

It's your team and it's up to you to run it like a pro and have your vision come across with pure clarity. Without this skill your delicate house of cards comprised of suppliers, customers, clients, employees and vendors will eventually come tumbling down.

The success of your client fulfillment chain is riding on your success as The Team Coach, and it's with that premise that we embark upon this all-important module. You'll learn key team building and motivating strategies and learn, interactively, how to pull everything together so it's all running smoothly every day of the week.

* How to build a shared vision
* How to relate to others
* The Team Chart
* Position and Vendor Agreements

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