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Introduction to Window Coverings

Course B-111 Introduction to Window Coverings                           $589

If you're looking for the total window coverings package, this is it.

In this comprehensive 9 Lesson package you'll discover all the core knowledge you need to kick off an exciting and fulfilling window coverings career:
•  Products
•  Measuring
•  Pricing
•  Ordering
•  Marketing
•  Sales
•  Design
Every area of window coverings will be examined, picked apart and turned inside out. There will be nothing left to the imagination, no leftover questions or uncertainty. And if there is, we'll answer it.
If you're not quite ready for the total experience or you're looking to excel in one or more areas that interest you, then read on for the detailed descriptions of the 9 lessons in the total package, because this is where you can pick and choose each individual lesson separately.
But if you're ready to embark upon the full window coverings experience, then the Introduction to Window Coverings package is the most cost effective way to go, because you'll save over $100 when you enroll in the complete set of lessons.


Course B-111 includes the following Professional Study Units:

Unit B-111-1 The Wonderful World of Window Coverings

Unit B-111-2 Fabricated Products

Unit B-111-3 Workroom Products

Unit B-111-4 The Complete Measure

Unit B-111-5 Pricing

Unit B-111-6 The Marketing Solution

Unit B-111-7 Sales & Negotiation Techniques

Unit B-111-8 Ordering and Tracking

Unit B-111-9 Drapery Design

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