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Steven C. Bursten

A trend-spotting entrepreneur, author, and columnist, Steven C. Bursten was among the first in franchising to build a high volume, in-home service business. In 1969 he founded Decorating Den Systems, Inc., an international interior decorating franchise, building it to over 150 units before selling it to the present owners. Mr. Bursten retired from Decorating Den in 1998.

In 1995 Mr. Bursten began using the Internet, and by 1998 realized the potential to provide homeowners better shopping information. With awareness of franchise and retail service business marketing needs, Mr. Bursten developed The NameBank Vault Database System for customer follow up management and MIS (Management Information Systems). Soon after he developed the CustomerTouch Marketing System for integrated websites and e-mail newsletters. These systems were originated and copyrighted by Mr. Bursten, and earned national recognition at a recent b3 technology conference on computer networking and Internet applications.