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Here’s what recent PWCS Graduates

say about their School Experience:

What did you learn that will affect your business for the future?


"Customers want something beautiful, not just something inexpensive or fast."

"Take a risk to build sales and profits."

"I can sell draperies Monday! Color and Decorating 101"

"The need to express to customers (i.e. client) their happiness and future enjoyment from our experience working together."

"Don't sell on price. Customers want beauty."

"Be open minded!"

"Upgrade; sell top treatments over hard products."

"How to state features as benefits."

"I will be more comfortable selling drapery, and I will sell them; therefore, my company and I will make more money."

"How to identify the specific market segment that will make me the most money."

"Consultation method of selling... it's awesome!"

"That I will make mistakes and I need to learn from those."

"Simplified system for pricing drapery, shears, toppers."

"Sales is everything, it is not about pricing to beat your competitor."

"The quick way to calculate yardage...Easy measuring..."

"How to dress for this business... it's important!"

"How to use critical questions."

"Brag book, grooming, making a friend, and sell, sell, sell!

"Approach to qualifying leads and customers."

"Eyeball estimating will make a huge difference."

"Don't measure if you don't need to!"

"Set goals - it's tough but we can change."

"This new approach will save time and allow for more money making opportunity!"

What did you like the most about the daily sessions?


"Everyone was s comfortable and willing to share info, concerns, etc."

"Simplified measuring and figuring widths....uniqueness of drapery..."

"Upbeat, friendly and very informative!"

"10-10 formula: anyone can sell at 10% less. The trick is to sell at 10% more."

"Consultative selling approach & specific techniques... great!"

"Discussion of sales theory! Emotional manipulation, etc. Very Good!"

"Learning about customer emotions" "How to budget by sight"

"The complete sales system from beginning to getting the check"

"Learning about Lafayette soft treatments program; Jo Ann's shortcuts."

"Figuring price & yardage lesson was a very big help to me!"

"I love all the topics today. I learned a lot, in the presentation & step by step process to win a customer."

"Close before measuring!" "Learning the process of closing"

"Confirms we can end up true professionals from where we are now!"

Anything about the content or instructors you would like to tell us?


"The small classroom and intimate setting made this forum a great environment to share, learn, voice concerns, and laugh. It was a great way to learn more about the industry from experienced and new people."

"Very well organized. Just enough content for time frame"

"Jo Ann Brezette was great!"

"Good discussions / debates w/Steve"

"Great instructors; best I've ever seen!"

"The factory tour gave me a true sense of the time and commitment it takes to create window fashions"

"Again I feel the instructors have been great. They know the ins and outs of this business... I have not always felt this in other schools. Awesome!"

"Super! This opened my eyes to a whole new way of approaching sales"


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Don Youman
San Clemente, CA

Jane Osborn
Norman, OK

Kim Engle
Folsom, CA

Kathy Cragg
Solvang, CA