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Workroom Anxieties


Lesson B-302 Workroom Anxieties                                                               $99

Do you have Workroom Anxiety? Are you always surprised on the day of installation?
Do you have trouble communicating your ideas?

These are typical complaints people have with their workroom. The challenge is to make sure your designs are created to your specifications.

On the other side: The workroom always complains about poor purchase orders.

  1. “She gives me scribble”

  2. “The details are always missing”

These 2 opposing views can be mediated with a focus on providing the workroom the necessary information it needs. In this lesson, you will be brought on a tour of all the aspects involved in creating a custom window treatment. We will cover helpful tips in:

  1. Measuring

  2. Ordering

  3. Work-Orders

  4. Tracking

  5. Mistakes

  6. Installations

  7. Repairs and Remakes

This is an invaluable lesson to start creating flawless treatments.

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