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Benchmarking and Goals


Lesson B-304 Benchmarking and Goals                                    $99

The difference between a beginner and a professional in this business is simple.  Professionals make much more money because they follow a set of benchmarks and practice regular goal setting and achievement.

When you have a solid plan of action in front of you including a benchmark to shoot for in these categories:

  • number of appointments
  • closing ratio
  • average size of sale

…you will be much more equipped to meet aggressive goals and vastly improve your business.

People who don’t set business goals are treading in dangerous waters.  They’re saying that they’re willing to let the winds of change, fate, economy and any variety of other unforeseen factors dictate how their business is going to flow.

On the other hand, it’s been proven time and time again that those businesses who plan their work and work their plan, with an end game in mind and a strategy to get there, which includes setting and achieving regularly structured benchmarks and a visualization of the ideal outcome, are much more successful than those who leave things to chance.

In the Benchmarking and Goals lesson we’ll give you a proven method for setting achievable benchmarks, as well as give you a strong attack plan for setting and achieving any goal for your business you have in mind.

At WCU we recognize the need for setting realistic goals and we know how important it is for your business.  Even if you’re currently setting goals and benchmarks this lesson will act as a refresher and even give you ideas and tactics that you may have missed.

If you’re a professional then don’t do business like a beginner.  It’s time to put this lesson into place for your company.

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