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Online Courses

Professional Study Units

Below is a listing of the Professional Study Units offered by The WCU Online.
Each Unit is an On-Demand Webinar that you can watch at any time in front of your computer.
When you register you will be set up on our Campus with your login information. Just sit back and watch the presentation.

You can also join the D&WC PRO CLUB and for only $49.95 a month receive great savings and other member benefits.
For more information go to: http://www.thewcu.com/wcu_club.html

Click on the Unit for Description
Online version Price
Product Knowledge
B-100 The Wonderful World of Window Coverings $99    
B-508 Fabricated Products $99    
B-509 Workroom Products $99    
B-607 Motorization $99    
B-501 Drapery Hardware $99    
B-505 Passementerie $99    
B-614 Introduction to Re-Upholstery $99    
B-606 Introduction to Bedding $99    
B-502 Shutter Savvy $99    
B-503 Fabric Basics $99  
B-504 Shutter Smart
B-211 The Marketing Coach $99    
B-212 The Marketing Makeover $99    
B-202 The Networker $99    
B-213 The Pinocchio Principle $99    
B-210 Your Perception Package $99    
B-201 Creating Awareness $99    
B-203 Networking & Referral Building
B-204 WOMM (word of mouth marketing) $99    
B-205 Marketing Systems
B-207 Event Marketing $99    
B-401 Sales & Negotiation Techniques
B-404 First Contact $99    
B-405 First Visit $99    
B-406 Home Tour $99    
B-410 The Negotiation Techniques $99    
B-409 The Orchid Principle $99    
B-413 Closing with Color $99    
B-216 Home Staging for Designers $99    
B-408 Romancing Fabrics $99    
B-411 Add-On Selling $99    
B-412 Closing the Sale $99    
B-415 Following Up $99    
B-615 Drapery Design $99    
B-616 Feng Shui $99    
B-617 Good to be Green $99    
B-612 The Psychology and Theory of Color $99    
B-604 Drapery Design Fundamentals for Today's Windows $99    
B-601 Blinds & Shades Ideas
B-602 Drapery Ideas $99    
B-605 Drapery Hardware Design
B-608 Top Treatment Styles
B-609 The Decorated Bed $99    
B-611 Challenging Windows $99    
B-613 Drapery Details $99    
B-308 The Strategic Vision $99    
B-313 Coaching The Team $99    
B-314 What's your Emotional Intelligence? $99    
B-302 Workroom Anxieties $99    
B-307 Technology in Window Covering Business $99    
B-303 Competitive Analysis $99    
B-304 Benchmarking and Goals $99    
B-309 Self Defeating Behaviors $99    
B-306 The Science of Profit $99    
B-310 Vendor Relationships $99    
B-313 Coach the Team $99    
Procedures and Systems
B-403 How to Measure $99    
B-402 How to Price
B-301 Ordering and Tracking $99    
B-305 Business Buidling Systems $99