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What’s your 10 Second Hook?

“Hi, my name is Neil Gordon and I help businesses create their company story.” That is my 10 second hook. It is what I say when I introduce myself at a networking event, a seminar, or a trade show. I hope to hear back: “Oh, that’s interesting- TELL ME MORE”
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Favorite Customer Marketing For A Window Covering Business
“How to find and keep customers you love to sell”

The problem
In recent years newspaper advertising has increased in cost and dwindled in circulation. Competitive advertising seems stuck on discounts of 50% - 70% - and up to 90%, which no rational homeowner believes. As consumers struggle to find the true price / value relationship of window products, and as cost of circulation readership climbs in recent years,
newspaper advertising is becoming less and less productive for window coverings retailers.   .....
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Million Dollar Management
“How to Do It in Five Years or Less ”

Building a million dollar window coverings business is not easy. As much art as science, the path to the mountain top is not well trodden. As with any major peak, there are different paths. Sadly, in window coverings, a new climber doesn’t know the path taken by earlier climbers. Each blazes their own trail. Along the way, some climbers hit a slippery slope; they may fall back where they started. Some go over the side, and the business expires.
Some are mired, never passing half-way
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How to Improve Sales Performance for You and Your Window Fashions

If you are a sales manager, business owner, or decorator selling window covering products to homeowners, this report will tell you how to improve sales and gross profit.
There are four essentials to improvement:..
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To Grow, or Not To Grow?
Sell & Sew Drapery Professionals ask,

40 Years: “Sell & Sew” is here to stay!
The Sell and Sew drapery specialist has been with us for more than 40 years. She came into existence when man-made fibers such as Rayon, Acetate, and eventually Polyester became widely available after WW II. Never before was the luxury of silk satin and luxurious damask available at affordable pricing. (Silk was $15 - $30 a yard;
Rayon/Acetate antique satin sold for $1.98; elegant damask about $2.00 more).......
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How to Stop Selling Commodities and Start Selling Concepts
Ten Tips To Start Today!

Stop Selling Commodities and Start Selling Concepts
Commodity Selling
There is a huge difference in selling concepts instead of commodities. Commodity selling is based on identical, branded products, similar to selling washers and dryers at an appliance store. The identical product and model number can be found in different stores (or on the Internet), and customers shop for the best price. In fact, price is so easy to compare, customers may latch on to it as the primary difference in deciding which store to buy from........
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The Pendulum Theory

The Pendulum Theory is based on Newton 's First Law of Motion, which states that a body at rest tends to stay at rest, and a body in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed, and in the same direction, unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. In The Designer's Coach Selling System, the designer effectively uses questions to get the prospect moving along the pendulum. It doesn't matter which direction they move, we just want them moving. Now that the prospect is in motion, she will stay in motion.......... Subscribe to receive full report.

Successful Negotiating
The Business Value Message

In all the work you have done through the first 5 modules of "Creating your Strategic Vision", you have devoted tremendous effort to demonstrating your Value Message. The challenge is how do you do this? It is done by asking the following questions:

  1. What does your business bring to the marketplace beyond the asicIndustry core competencies?
  2. What's unique about your business?
  3. How will you communicate this?

Before we get into addressing these questions, let's try to understand why someone might buy from you. There are several key concepts of understanding the mind of your prospect.......... Subscribe to receive full report.

Using a Niche as a Market Strategy

There are two types of Interior Design firms: Those that truly specialize in a particular area (i.e. Kitchen and Bath designers) and firms that use a niche as a market strategy. Let's focus on the latter, because if you are trying to create a message that appeals to anyone that may be interested in any form of Interior Design, you are spinning your wheels and wasting your resources. The best way to gain awareness is by marketing through the strategy of developing your niche. The biggest objection most have to this idea is that they do not want to box themselves into a narrow offering. However, this is not the case when you use a niche to create a.......... Subscribe to receive full report.

Project Management for an Interior Designer

As an Interior Designer you have a clear function as a Leader and as a Project Manager. You created a Strategic Vision which is your overall 5 year plan for your company. In order to achieve the goals you set forth, you must accomplish them one project at a time, one job at a time. As I stated in The Orchid Principle; nurturing your clients is the surest way to build a business, and Project Management will be the method to reach your lofty goals..........Subscribe to receive full report.

Home Staging for Interior Designers

Today there is a great opportunity for Designers and Decorators to offer their services to the sellers of homes. This service is known as Home Staging. What is Home Staging? Home Staging is a design system of creating a "product" out of the home. Making it, in a sense, a "model" home. As any successful product, it needs to appeal to as many of its' target market customers as possible. The goal is to make a good first impression, allowing the buyer to imagine themselves living in the home.
The idea is to de-personalize and remove the clutter from the home.......
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