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Registration and Policies

College of Business

Marketing and Advertising, Professional Selling, And Business Management

Class and Registration Policies


Registration is by online application selecting the class of choice and providing credit card information on the form related to each class. When your credit card is on file, it is not necessary to complete the information on subsequent registrations. Registration should be at least two weeks in advance to allow time for home study assignments.

Cancellation, Reschedule, and Refund Policy
Upon registration you will receive home study files and 50% of your registration fee will be earned and non-refundable. You may reschedule to any future class or combination of alternate classes at no cost. You may cancel your class up to 30 days prior to attendance and receive 50% refund (the entire amount not allocated to registration and availability of home study files). Less than 30 days, and up to 10 days, before class you may receive a refund of 25%. No refund is available after 10 days prior to class. However, you may credit your investment to any future class or alternate classes.

Our term for learner is "Attendee". Industry professionals who attend classes are experienced window fashions business owners and sales consultants. While every professional is a "student" of their career industry, we prefer the term "attendee" to recognize the advanced professional qualifications of persons who attend WCU classes. Naturally, beginning business owners and sales consultants are welcome to attend appropriate classes. Course study is intended to accelerate professional growth to success.

Baltimore Airport Classes

Most classes will be conducted at a location near the Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI). Free shuttle bus service will be available. Motel reservations will frequently be at the Best Western Motor Inn, BWI. However, class confirmation materials will advise the exact location.

Regional Classes

In addition to the Baltimore Airport location, popular classes may be conducted in various locations throughout the United States. Large retailers and trade suppliers may sponsor classes based on minimum commitment of attendees. Please contact our office for more information.

Class Credits - CEUs

At the current time, WCU does not award Continuing Education Units as class credits. However, we are exploring this possibility and at some point in the future may do so. In that event, previous attendees will be notified and provided credits if authorized by the certifying organization.


WCU classes are organized for portability and simplicity. Facilities required are standard meeting rooms readily available in corporate offices and business quality hotels. Standard meeting room equipment such as a flip chart, projection screen, and classroom style seating are necessary. The WCU staff will provide video projection equipment, course materials, and manuals.

Class Size

WCU classes are generally from 5 to 15 in number although some classes may be larger. Class size is always limited to the number that can easily be accommodated to assure communication exchange and understanding for each person attending.

II. Class Study Format, Class Content, and Home Study

Innovative "24 Hour Accelerated Learning Format"

The standard Class Study Unit is comprised of an innovative "24 Hour Accelerated Learning Format" that begins at 1:00 PM on day 1 and ends at 1:00 PM on day 2, with 9-11 classroom study hours completed during attendance. Adding home study, the result is nearly 3 days of conventional class study. This format recognizes the need of business owners and sales consultants to travel several hours for their course of preference, yet be away from business for the least possible time. An exception to this general format is the Professional Window Coverings Sales Class with 2 days home study and 4 days classroom attendance.

Dinner Roundtable Exchange

A Dinner Roundtable Exchange may be sponsored by an industry supplier. If a Roundtable Exchange is provided, there is no charge for dinner or for guided exchange between instructors, suppliers, and attendees. Following the dinner roundtable a supplier program may be presented and attendance is optional.

Standard Class Content

Standard class content will include the main topic of interest and a workshop period to insure in-depth understanding of the topic. In addition, every class offered by the WCU will have a special session on how to use the new information to increase appointments and close sales as a competitive edge.

Preclass Online Course Content and Home Study Materials

Internet Online Courses

You will receive a list of online courses to complete in advance for attending Class B-121 Professional Window Coverings Sales  These courses are essential to your learning experience and must be completed prior to attendance in class.  These will be announced by invitation to attend and how to login for the course.  Be sure you allow time to complete the course work required in advance

Home Study Assignments

In addition to your Internet Online study, you will receive home study assignments by email, such as researching your sales statistics for appointments completed, closing ratios, and average size of customer sale.  You will also have assignments relating to competitive intelligence and analysis.  Be certain to complete these home study assignments before arriving at class.

Classroom Attendance

The B-121 Professional Window Coverings Sales class takes place over 3 days—usually Monday through Wednesday--at a hotel easily accessible by shuttle to an airport.  See Daily Program for details of the daily schedule.  This class is presented 4 times a year at various parts of the country; most are held near Thurgood Marshall Baltimore-Washington International Airport.   See Classroom Courses for dates and locations.

III. "24 HR Accelerated Learning Format"

Standard Class Schedule
Day 1
1:00 PM Welcome and Content 2.0 Hrs
3:00 PM Break
3:15 PM Content 1.25 Hrs
4:30 PM Break
4:40 PM Content 1.25 Hrs
6:00 PM Dinner Break
Total Day 1 Afternoon Session 4.5 Hrs
Day 1 Evening Session
6:45 PM Supplier Dinner Roundtable Exchange
7:30 PM Supplier presentation
8:30 PM Day 1 Program ends. Mix and Mingle with classmates
Day 2
8:00 AM Content 2.0 Hrs
10:00 AM Break
10:15 AM Content 1.25 Hrs
11:30 AM Break - Snacks
11:40 AM Content 1.25 Hrs
1:00 PM Class Ends
Total Day 2 4.5 Hrs
Total 9 Hrs
Plus, Dinner, Roundtable Exchange, and Optional Supplier Presentation 2 Hrs
Total Class Study 11 Hrs
Home Study 6 - 10 Hrs
Home study is written material in manuals, bulletins, and Internet locations that is easily read and understood without instructor guidance. Home study assignments include reading and work projects, Internet research, making sketches, scrap books, workbooks, and other writing and research assignments.

IV. College Names and Class Numbering

College Names

Each college (four identified) will have a letter indicating the college it is assigned to. The colleges and letters are:

B - College of Business
    - Schools of Marketing and Advertising, Professional Selling, and Business Management

D - College of Window Treatment Design and Interior Decorating

F - College of Fabrication and Installation

P - College of Products and Technical Studies

Numbering System

  1. Following the letter will be a 1, 2, or 3 indicating the skill level the class is designed for. Generally "1" indicates Introductory (not "Beginner") level material, "2" is Intermediate, and "3" is Advanced.
  2. The next two digits will indicate the class number
  3. The numerical group of three digits will reflect the school within the college

College of Business Class Structure

School of Marketing and Advertising

B-101 to B-119    Introductory Level Marketing
B-201 to B-219    Intermediate Level Marketing
B-301 to B-319    Advanced Level Marketing

School of Professional Selling

B-121 to B-139    Introductory Level Sales
B-221 to B-239    Intermediate Level Sales
B-321 to B-339    Advanced Level Sales

School of Business Management

B-141 to B-149    Introductory Level Management
B-241 to B-249    Intermediate Level Management
B-341 to B-349    Advanced Level Management

WCU Online Home Study Preparation

Home study via WCU Online is an essential part of preparation for your classroom work.  You will spend less time away from home and less expense thanks to online distance learning by Webinars, voice, text, and in some cases, video presentations prior to attending your classroom session.  Instruction assistance is just an email or phone call away.  Home study assignments may include reading materials, Internet research, and written assignments. Attendees should complete home study assignments to receive maximum class benefit.

Home Study Assignments

Home study assignments can generally be completed in the evening and during "off" hours at your convenience. Depending on your experience level and nature of content, WCU Online courses and lessons will include 4 to 6 sessions of about one hour each.  In addition, if you are new to window coverings plan to complete an entry-level course prior to attending B-121 Professional Window Coverings Sales.  Course B-111 Introduction to Window Coverings Sales is an ideal course for beginners.    

Classroom Attendance

The B-121 Professional Window Coverings Sales class takes place over 3 days—usually Monday through Wednesday--at a hotel easily accessible by shuttle to an airport.  See Daily Program for details of the daily schedule.  This class is presented 4 times a year at various parts of the country; most are held near Thurgood Marshall Baltimore-Washington International Airport.   See Classroom Courses for dates and locations