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 Professional Window Covering Sales Course

Imagine if you could close most sales in a single visit!
How about improving revenue significantly, without taking on new clients?

Window Coverings University is proud to offer Professional Window Covering Sales (PWCS) -- the only shop-at-home window coverings course series that shows you how to keep clients happy and keep them longer…and even close them in a single visit.  That’s right, now you can close a sale BEFORE you come bring samples or  take measurements.   Not only do you learn a breakthrough selling system, you will learn how to generate quality appointments with special sessions on advertising media and budgeting, ho to 'Market Without Money', and business planning to take your window fashions business to the next level of sales and profits.
It’s all a part of this incredible course-series that is unlike anything else in the shop at home window fashion business!

With this exclusive class-series, you can:
  • Close more sales
  • Close sales faster
  • Put the fun back into your sales pitch
  • Obtain clients you’ll have for years to come!
  • And much more!

Previously, the information contained in this PWCS course series has been available to only a very few select individuals within the industry.   But now, YOU can build your business with the same powerful sales techniques employed by some of the biggest names in the business.
PWCS is based on real world situations.  We’ve crafted a curriculum by listening to what successful professionals have done to build their businesses!  And that’s why WCU’s PWCS is staffed by top experts from the industry.  Our instructors know the business inside and out – and are going to share their “insider secrets” with you.

The roster of instructors for Professional Window Covering Sales is like an all-star team of the industry, including:

  • The most effective window treatment sales trainer in the world
  • Best-selling authors from the world of window treatment sales
  • A former vice-president of marketing for a leading department store chain
  • Successful entrepreneurs and industry experts

A combination of online and traditional classes

Professional Window Covering Sales combines traditional classroom instruction at our facilities in Baltimore, Maryland and Ontario, California, with robust, interactive online classes.  The classroom curriculum is filled with valuable, practical class work, and information you can put into use in the “real world” right away. 

The ONLINE courses are serious, interactive lessons that leave you with all the knowledge you’d gain by being here in person.  And the best part is you can work at your own pace – right from the comfort of your own home!

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IS Professional Window Covering Sales FOR YOU?

We have designed PWCS for the following people:

  • Existing business owners who want to increase revenue WITHOUT increasing their number of appointments
  • Business owners who want to produce stellar marketing campaigns on a small budget
  • Individuals seeking a new and exciting career in the high growth shop-at-home window fashions industry.
  • Anyone who wants more confidence and success working with potential customers in their home.

Is this you?  Then what are you waiting for…sign up today for 7 STEPS TO SUCCESS!

Professional Window Covering Sales is an education YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO MISS!

This seven part series represents one of the most ground-breaking curriculums in the history of window coverings sales.  Look at just some of the topics that we’ll cover:

  • How to make a friend (and a sale) on EVERY appointment
  • How to guarantee your first visit will be a success
  • Secrets of an effective home tour
  • How to size up the competition – and put that knowledge to work for you!
  • And much more!

The time is NOW to mark your mark in this business…and we’re going to show you how easy it can be with the 7 STEPS TO SUCCESS!

Listen to what Window Coverings University attendees have to say!

Don Youman
San Clemente, CA

Jane Osborn
Norman, OK

Kim Engle
Folsom, CA

Kathy Cragg
Solvang, CA

“I have developed a new focus... My average sale is increasing, and I am eliminating my wholesale work. I stopped making draperies altogether!! I‘m so thrilled about my NEW business!”
Karen Tippit
Details Window Fashions, Littleton, NH

“We started using the tools that we learned at the training, and have made many more friends, increased our margins, and are looking forward to a more profitable year than we have ever had before. Today I did my 3 jobs for the week and sold each one of them at a higher margin than ever before!”
Tom and Barbara Miller
Mini Blind King, Anchorage, AK

“I had my first appointment on Saturday following training. When I went to the clients’ home, we did the walkthrough and discussed decorating style. I sat down with them knowing beforehand price probably wouldn’t be an issue. I showed them what I thought would look best, they fell in love with it, and I walked out with my first sale that I didn’t have to discount!”
Paula Genevro
Abstract Decor, Alexandria, VA

“I just made a $7.5K shutter sale that could not meet with me before I left for WCU training. The clients had told me that they’d chosen to go with a referral of a friend. I said, " If we can help you in the future let us know." They called back after I returned from training, and they decided to have me come out because "I was so nice and helpful.
I gave them an eyeball estimate, and they wanted to move forward right then. It wasn't really about price; it wasn't really about the product ... it WAS about how they felt about me. I am grateful that WCU did such a great job of showing me how fun it is, and what our real job is... making a friend.”
Derek Seal
Shutter Bug Window Fashions, Gilbert, AZ

Professional Window Covering Sales is NOT some run-of-the-mill business education.  It’s like the IVY LEAGUE of Window Coverings programs – rolled up into an easy step-by-step series of classes.
Our students learn everything they need to know about how to improve their business, including:

  • Closing a sale BEFORE you measure windows or show samples
  • Building friendships with your clients that lead to repeat business and increased referrals
  • Improving the size of every sale you make
  • Increasing your profit margins
  • And so much more!

We’ve got more success stories to share with you!
"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of your help and advice. It really has inspired me to move ahead with expanding the business MUCH sooner than I had ever planned. I really enjoy my new role as an owner/manager. It's nice stepping back from the retail end of things to really take a look at the business itself. I definitely have renewed excitement in my work."

Lisa White
Breckenridge Blinds & Draperies, Inc.

"I would like to thank you for the invitations that you had extended to me for both the Pricing Window Treatments and Marketing webinars.  I did attend both and found them very informative.  You and your co-host, Joanne, are delightful to listen to.  You both have such enthusiasm, confidence and knowledge on all of the subjects discussed.
I have also attended you Staging and Complete Measure sessions which were both equally enlightening.
Thank you once again for your generosity.

Pat Riley

Don’t wait another minute! 

Sign up now for Professional Window Covering Sales: the only program given by experts and designed for no other reason BUT to help you build the most successful shop-at-home Window Covering Business possible.
Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you’ll start seeing results immediately.
This is the place to be for people SERIOUS about building their Window Coverings business!

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