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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the concept of the class?

This class specializes in Shop-At-Home selling techniques to maximize the sales potential of every customer appointment. This selling system will introduce you to an innovative method in use for over 20 years, but little known to any except those who have trained under the world-renown instructors who give this class.

This system will allow you to close a sale before you measure windows and before you bring in product samples. You will save hours and hours, yet do a far better job of building lifelong client relationships.

Is business management training included?

In addition to selling techniques, the class will introduce business owners (but not employee consultants) to innovative marketing and management systems. Any owner considering increased advertising or hiring employees will find exceptional methods to save thousands in mistakes, and to move to a new, higher sales level at a much faster rate than otherwise possible.

Is Home Study Available?
Yes, via WCU Online courses and Lessons

Internet Online Courses

You will receive a list of online courses for advance study generally 2 to 4 weeks prior to attending Class B-121 Professional Window Coverings Sales.  These lessons are essential to your learning experience and should be completed prior to attendance in class.  You will receive an announcement and invitation for each WCU Online lesson.   While the lessons will take only about one-hour each, be sure you allow time to complete these lessons

Home Study Assignments

In addition to your Internet Online study, you will receive home study assignments such as researching your sales statistics for appointments completed, closing ratios, and average size of customer sale.  You will also have assignments relating to competitive intelligence and analysis.  Be certain to complete these home study assignments before arriving at class.

Classroom Attendance

The B-121 Professional Window Coverings Sales class takes place over 3 days—usually Monday through Wednesday--at a hotel easily accessible by shuttle to an airport.  See Daily Program for details of the daily schedule.  This class is presented 4-5 times annually in various airport locations for easy accessibility.   Most are held at the Best Western, BWI, near Thurgood Marshall Baltimore-Washington International Airport.   See Classroom Courses for dates and locations


What are the training goals?

  1. To make more money immediately by improving closing percentages, the average size of each customer sale, and to improve profit margins on every sale closed.

  2. To learn how to build lifetime client relationships so customers buy from you again and again, and refer you to their friends.

  3. To put the fun back into decorating for you and your customer. You will take “selling” out of your presentation and just Make-A-Friend.

  4. To save you hours and hours every week by not making design presentations to customers unless they are ready to buy immediately; and, by pricing the job in minutes on your first home appointment. Never again return to your office to work up quotes.

Who Should Attend This Class?

This class is designed for

  1. Experienced business owners and decorating sales consultants who want to save time and to sell more with the same number of appointments

  2. Business owners who want to move to a new level of operations with better marketing and management

  3. Business owners who sell either blinds and “Hard” products or draperies and “Soft” products and want to learn to sell the product category they do not sell now

  4. Business owners who want to increase profit margins or want to add new employees profitably

  5. New consultants who seek a career change as professional shop-at-home window fashions consultants

  6. New business owners who want to avoid mistakes and grow at a faster rate

  7. Any business owner or decorator who needs higher sales and increased confidence working with customers in their home

  8. The classroom segment is intended for decorators and consultants who know the basics of products and measuring windows. If the consultant has limited or no experience with window fashions products, extra attention should be devoted to Home Study materials and assignments to be prepared for classroom work.

Why Should You Attend?

If you are satisfied with your business as it is, there is no reason to attend the Professional Window Covering Sales Class. However, if you are searching for answers about how to grow your business, this is the one class you must attend. You will learn about the industry, your personal sales potential, the potential to manage others, and how to develop a plan to get from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.

In a few short days you will become excited about your own potential and the future for your business. You’ll learn a professional selling system that will remove the frustration of spending time with customers who don’t buy; you will increase the joy of working with people who value your service; and, for the first time, you will discover the magic of the “Wonderful World of Window Coverings.” If you have been searching for answers to grow your business and to make it more fun than you ever thought possible, don’t miss this class.

Why invest in education?

If you have ever wondered why franchised businesses and national chains achieve higher sales in their first year than thousands of independents can achieve in five years, the reasons are simple: Training in products, selling techniques, and marketing. If you know the products, you can now learn selling and marketing that will catapult you past competitors and assure you of larger, more profitable sales, more easily than ever.

Why this educational class?

Very simply, this is the most respected and effective class anywhere on sales techniques, marketing, and business management. If you want to grow your business – if you are stuck on a level or simply ready to go to the next level – there is no more effective way to prepare yourself than attending this class.

Who are the Instructors?

Jo Ann Brezette is widely recognized as the most effective window treatment sales trainer in the world. Brezette is the co-author of “Selling to the Limit” and author of “Sales Utopia”; she also serves as columnist for Window Fashions Magazine. Brezette continues to stay active at the retail level, serving “favorite customers” and long-time clients.

Steven C. Bursten is the leading national authority on Shop-At-Home window fashions sales, marketing, and management; Bursten is the author of “Bootstrap Entrepreneur,” a book on new business start up; he is also the founder of Decorating Den Systems, Inc., an International franchisor. Bursten has innovated industry-leading Internet technology for retailers and decorators, and is a columnist for Drapery & Window Coverings Magazine.

Valerie Bursten, industry expert, co-founder of Decorating Den Systems, window fashions designer, marketing expert and co-owner of custEmers.com. Valerie Bursten contributes the consumer viewpoint to fashion marketing and sales training.

Steve Wishnow, former Sr. VP of Advertising & Promotion for Hecht’s Department Stores, a division of the May Company. Wishnow managed a $140 million retail ad budget, and served as a leading industry expert for national advertising trade associations. He has experience working with over 100 window coverings retailers and decorators with sales from under $50,000 per year to over $5 million.