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Starting a Window Covering Business

Your future is so bright,
you'll need shades

The Window Coverings specialty field is one of most exciting and rewarding careers anywhere!

Dear Entrepreneur:

Wherever there are quality homes - and homeowners who cherish tasteful interiors - there is a need for a Window Coverings Professional. It is a true profession, for the same reasons that law, healthcare, accounting, and real estate are professions.

My name is Neil Gordon and I have been in the
Window Covering Business my entire life.

I own a successful window covering business and I am a
One-to-One Business Coach and I want to help you
start your own Window Covering Business!

Window Coverings Professionals work with high quality, successful homeowners by appointment. Sales are not in the store, but in the customer's home.

Wherever there are quality homes and homeowners who cherish tasteful Interiors there is a need for an experienced Window Coverings Professional.

Schedules are largely determined by the professionals themselves

•  The need is strong and ongoing. Homeowners need expert assistance

•  Tastefully designed window treatments enhance their home's décor, and add to the quality of lifestyle for the entire family.

•  The wonderful thing about In-Home Consulting Sales is that your talent, experience, and confidence will grow steadily.

You will serve your customers better over the years. Your customers will reward you by “Buying In” to your ideas. When customers like your ideas they will buy from you more often. They will refer you to others and your income will grow as your sales grow.


For the first time in the industry you can work One-to-One with me to start your
own Window Covering Business.

I have been coaching designers, decorators and window covering professionals for many years. From franchisees just getting started, to seasoned pros, many have sought out and benefited from One-to-One Coaching

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of your help and advice.
It really has inspired me to move ahead with expanding the
business MUCH sooner than I had ever planned.
I really enjoy my new role as an owner/manager.
It's nice stepping back from the retail end of
things to really take a look at the business itself.
I definitely have renewed excitement in my work.”

Lisa Cibula,
Breckenridge Blinds & Draperies, Inc.

If you want to start an exciting career in a growing industry without spending a fortune, then you should continue reading…For the first time in history, an entire generation has grown up in homes where color, beauty and good taste were fundamental to the parent's lifestyle. Until the 1960's, only the wealthiest homeowners could afford luxurious fabrics and colorful designs.
Now a growing number of college educated, high income adults view a tastefully decorated home not as a privilege, but as a given. It is virtually a birthright that their home will benefit by the service of a qualified professional to create the home interior they expect.

Today the opportunity is the best ever!

New, exciting window covering products are being introduced to please the demanding consumer. Never has there been such an opportunity to grow and build a future.

Listen to what others are saying about
Neil Gordon's Programs


•  The Choices are Many…

To get Quality Training and Education for your new career you may need to travel to training with a great expense and for several weeks at a time.

For the first time you can get an amazing amount of training right in front of your computer. Online learning is cost effective, convenient and provides excellent information which you can watch over and over until you completely understand.

"I would like to thank you for the invitations that you had extended to me for both the Pricing Window Treatments and Marketing webinars. I did attend both and found them very informative. You and your co-host, Joanne, are delightful to listen to. You both have such enthusiasm, confidence and knowledge on all of the subjects discussed. I have also attended you Staging and Complete Measure sessions which were both equally enlightening. Thank you once again for your generosity.”
Pat Riley Bauer-Riley Design Group

One-to-One Start-Up Coaching

When you enroll in my One-to-One Start-Up Coaching Program we'll roll up our sleeves and immediately get to work on getting you trained in the Window Covering Industry.

Through a series of information-packed and action-oriented web conferencing, phone and email consultations, you'll get over 30 online, on-demand webinars that cover an amazing amount of training. Here is a partial listing of what's offered:

Fabricated Products
Workroom Products
How to Measure
How to Price

Ordering & Tracking
Drapery Design
Closing with Color
Home Staging
Drapery Hardware
Fabrics & Trims
Bedding & Pillows


When we get started we will work on:

  • Training in Products, Sales, Negotiation, Measuring, Ordering, Tracking, Installation, and Business Systems.
  • Weekly Coaching Calls to discuss your progress, needs and challenges.
  • Access to the Online University with access to over 30 educational webinars and a glossary.
  • How to create business systems to deliver on your promises
  • Tricks of the Trade from an Industry Veteran
  • How to build a business based on referrals-not expensive advertising.
  • The Marketing Solution 28 Day Tracking System
  • Building a Sample Library
  • Who are the vendors and who should you buy from?
  • What discounts should you be entitled to?

What is the investment to get
your career off to a jump start?

I understand that your cash flow may be tight trying to start a
new business and I am dedicated to seeing you succeed

You only pay $199 per month for complete access.
You can choose to pay for a complete year at once for only $1999.

My Guarantee:
I promise you will be completely satisfied with my One-to-One Coaching. If for any reason you are not happy, you may cancel your membership.


To get started with $199 per month Click here

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To Your Long Term Business Success,